Abu Dhabi Vision 2030


The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, a major Abu Dhabi government department that is responsible for driving the Emirate’s urban development strategy and delivering its Vision 2030 Urban Structure Framework Plan. The extensive scope of work includes developing the full brand development and ensuring the consistent and accurate implementation across a full range of applications. The roll out of the new, reinvigorated look and feel has been applied to every major brand touchpoint in the organization including corporate brochures, newsletters, masterplan documents, reports, events, signage and office interior graphics.


As the extended framework began to take shape, the complexity of the now multi-faceted project threatened to cause confusion amongst stakeholders; it was decided that a brand hierarchy would need to be designed to simplify the framework’s presentation and differentiate its multiple and diverse components.


Planning for the next generation

This was enforced further via the development of three Regional Framework Plans - for Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Gharbia - which outlined the vision for each of the emirate’s regions. The critical factor was to keep these publications consistent with the master documents so that it works as a family. The documents should be immediately associated with the UPC whether they are seen individually or as a set.


Work in Progress, Come Back Later.

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