The Brand
of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the largest Emirate in the UAE, containing the capital city. Despite this the world has begun to recognise the UAE through the image of Dubai. There was a need to develop an independent identity for Abu Dhabi that would allow it to tell its own story both within the Emirate and across the world.


Having commissioned the brand of Abu Dhabi, the Office of the Brand of Abu Dhabi/Executive Affairs Authority appointed us to assist them in developing, launching, implementing and managing the roll out of the brand.

The Abu Dhabi Brand builds on UAE culture and Arabic heritage to create a contemporary marque that both respects the heritage and embraces the future. The Brandmark plays a key role in communicating the positioning of Abu Dhabi to its citizens, its residents and to the outside world.

Abu Dhabi Brandmark

The Abu Dhabi Brand unique presence is inspired by the visionary future, wisdom of UAE heritage, and the landscape of Abu Dhabi. It is designed to capture and differentiate a product, service or place.

The contemporary shape inspired by the heritage and landscape of Abu Dhabi enabling a stronger brand presence and articulating our unique brand offering. The brandmark combines visual cues inspired by fluidity and harmony, and the wisdom of past that drives our progress.


The Abu Dhabi Brand colour palette is derived from the unique environment and Bedouin heritage. The palette avoids the use of garish artificial colours. It is rich without being ostentatious and respectful of both the audience and the heritage.


To that end we proposed a design which combines Abu Dhabi tradition, culture and heritage with contemporary design that both respects the past and embraces the future.


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