Be the Creative You Were Born to Be

Work with the best to get a competitive edge, win more business and charge more for doing what you love.

Be the Creative You Were Born to Be

Work with the best to get a competitive edge, win more business and charge more for doing what you love.

Learn From the Best

I know what it takes to be the best in your field and I want other creatives to benefit from the experience and knowledge I gained on my journey from being a self-taught designer, to becoming one of the most respected and high-profile creatives in UAE and the region.

That’s why I created Bold Creative Academy; to empower and inspire Arab designers – to help them follow in my footsteps and reach the top.

Being a creative gives you the chance to do what you love. I help you harness your passion and learn new skills through intensive training and coaching. With my help, you’ll become a top 1% branding specialist and gain a crucial advantage over your competitors.

A World Class Portfolio

I started as a self-taught designer in 2000 and over two decades have progressed to represent some of the most recognisable and significant brands in UAE and the world; from Emirates Palace and the Abu Dhabi Government to FIFA and the Dubai Brand. You can see more of my clients below.


As a pharmacist, I always wanted to become a designer, after a couple of weeks of The Branding Bootcamp I was able to design and deliver complete branding projects I am proud of, during the bootcamp I got my first branding project ever, it was scary, but under Mr Baha guidance I was able to complete it, now I can pursue my design journey with confidence. Thank you for everything.

Enas Khazaeleh
Freelance Designer

It’s been an intense experience. My instructor pushed my boundaries and showed me what I’m capable of. As a self tought designer for years Mr Baha introduced me to a new level of design knowledge that I never knew about! I have learned a lot about myself my potential and how to design a brand the award-winning way! I’m going to miss the classes and the late-night work.

Rand Fazaa
Freelance Designer

I have been in the design and branding industry for years, learning from  Baha the branding process was absolute eye-opening! especially when it comes to pricing and project management. If you are serious about your design career this bootcamp is a must.

Hessa Al Khyeli
Brand & Graphic Designer

The one-on-one mentorship with Baha Sawalha was a great experience, I gained creative skills that were not taught in the university, from the branding process, market research, logo design to create a killer portfolio and get ready for the market.

Reema Saadi

Freelance Designer

Learning from Baha how to create a brand, logo design process and deliver a great presentation was life changing for me, this process helped me understand the business of design and how to price my work, earn more, boost my confidence and mostly enjoy what I do.

Mouza Al Mansouri
Freelance Designer

I have learned so much from Mr Sawalha’s expertise, whether by observing his design process or from long discussions and ideas. He is an open book when it comes to guiding his mentees. Learning from a designer who made it to the top all by himself is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Lara Klyb
Freelance Designer


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