Zayed City will serve as the National Seat of Government for the United Arab Emirates. At the city’s centre a series of seven boulevards radiate out, each representing one of the seven Emirates that make up the UAE. This will become the heart of the nation – a place where UAE nationals will gather in times of crisis or celebration.

Sheikh Zayed’s crowning achievement was creating the union of the seven Emirates – uniting them into one nation. This is a source of huge pride and patriotism among Emiratis. Having a new heart to Abu Dhabi that will be named after the father of the Nation and that celebrates Abu Dhabi’s role as the capital of the UAE will reinforce the people of the Emirates sense of identity. At last a capital that is fit for purpose with the required prestige, infrastructure, public spaces etc. and a fitting tribute to the late Sheikh Zayed’s legacy.

I have created 5 elements, all using the geometry of seven to form the heart of the identity. I have used the geometry of seven to refer to the seven Emirates that form the UAE. I have also identified seven values that are inspired by Sheikh Zayed’s legacy that can also underpin the brand or the new city. This work has been done during my tenure at AAB.